Bandarawela Commercial Centre

Bandarawela Commercial Centre is a Outlet mall located in Bandarawela. It is one of the 88 Outlet malls in Sri Lanka. Address of Bandarawela Commercial Centre is Dharmawijaya Mawatha, Bandarawela, Sri Lanka. Website of Bandarawela Commercial Centre is Bandarawela Commercial Centre can be contacted at 94572222275. Bandarawela Commercial Centre is located in a busy area and we are covering at least 324 places around it on Bandarawela Commercial Centre is rated 4 (out of 5 stars) by 711 reviewers on the web.

Bandarawela city’s commercial complex Development project

As one of the steps to create Bandarawela as a beautiful city, under the program of painting and coloring the shops in the city in a complex formal manner, it was a challenge to paint according to the height of the new commercial center building in Bandarawela. How the camera caught the application of paint with the help of the crane provided by the company Nuwani Construction

Nalin Priyantha Sooriyage Stadium

Nalin Priyantha Sooriyage Stadium is now open for Public after renovation of Bandarawela Municipal Stadium

Since the modernization work of the Bandarawela Municipal Public Stadium has been completed, the Sports Development Department, the Honorable Mayor Deshmanya Janaka Nishantha Ratnayake of the Bandarawela Municipal Council, the Municipal Council including the Honorable Deputy Mayor, and the Municipal Commissioner including the Municipal Commissioner supervised the stadium and wrote letters for the last time. It was recorded in the camera lens that it was inspected and handed over to the Bandarawela Mahanagara Sabha on 05.02.2021.

A new Gully Browser for the Bandarawela Municipal Council

The delivery of streetcars to local government bodies by the Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project took place on 04.01.2022 at the Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement, where the key of the streetcar was handed over to the Honorable Mayor and Municipal Commissioner to the Bandarawela Municipal Council. A moment caught in the lens.

Bandarawela Pedestrian Road Modernization and City Beautification Project

The first phase of the Bandarawela Pedestrian Road Modernization and City Beautification Project. The first phase of the Bandarawela Pedestrian Road Modernization and City Beautification Project, which is being built at a cost of 16.5 million rupees on the allocations allocated under the State Ministry of Urban Development, Waste Disposal and Community Cleanliness, under the Dayak Nagana Siyak City Project, which is being implemented in accordance with the vision policy statement of His Excellency the President, is currently underway. In progress.

Under the Municipal and Rural Road Carpeting Project under the Prosperity Vision Manifesto implemented on the decision of the current government, the ten kilometer carpeting project received by the Bandarawela Municipal Council due to the decision to continue the development projects under the current epidemic situation. making project,